William Rast for Target Jeans

William Rast for Target

I’ll admit it, I’m a jeans snob.  I rocked F21 and TJ Maxx jeans until one day I stumbled upon a pair of Seven for All Mankind jeans, and never looked back.  Sure, I’ll pick up a trendy pair of jeggings from F21, but I am strictly designer when it comes to my jeans.  I’ve converted several of my friends, much to their delight and chagrin.  My closet is full of Sevens, Citizens, Joes, William Rast, Paige, etc.  (I score most of them on super sale or on eBay.)  When my apartment was broken into during college, my tearful inquiry to my roommate was “Did they take my jeans?”.  Seriously.  Patrick couldn’t stop laughing.

When I heard William Rast was doing a line for Target, I was a wee bit skeptical.  Would they have the same amazing fit and quality?

My review?  Amazing. And for $49.99, you’ve just GOT to get a pair.  I texted all of my denim loving friends immediately, and two of them have already headed to Target to buy their own.  (They trust me and my jeans obsession.)

The pair I ended up with:

William Rast for Target Skinny Jeans in Medium Wash

As soon as we receive our DSLR (I’m looking at you eBay seller with the incredibly slow shipping…) I will do an outfit post that includes these jeans so you can see ’em in action.


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