Ringing in the New Year

*Me, on our honeymoon in CA.  Photo by my awesome husband, Patrick.

I’ve never been big on New Years Resolutions.  However, this year I have a lot of things on my mind that I would like to commit to.  I need to eliminate “I can’t” from my vocabulary and push forward with the things I want/need to do.  Here are my goals/resolutions for 2011:

  1. Really get to know and love New Orleans (discover shops, restaurants, festivals, hidden gems, etc.)
  2. Appreciate where I am in my life, and not worry so much about what’s next.
  3. Reach out to my favorite ladies more often (whether its sending care packages to Belgium, setting up phone dates with my ladies in SF/Wisconsin/Michigan, or sending emails and snail mail).
  4. Run a marathon.  I’ve done a few half marathons and I really want to at least start training for a marathon in 2011.
  5. Use my new DSLR camera (!!!) to document my little family more.  Post pictures to this blog and share my new blog with my family and friends.
  6. Personal Style:  The days where I feel comfortable in my own skin are the days where I’ve put together an outfit that feels like me.  Start documenting these outfits and posting to this blog for feedback and inspiration.
  7. 30 for 30 challenge!  I loved following some of my favorite fashion bloggers as they took this challenge.  I need to do this to push my own personal style and help me learn to love my closet.

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