Tights That Last

When I was a little girl I LOVED tights.  Black, white w/pink hearts, blue w/white polkadots, I had them all.  The problem was, I constantly ripped/tore/snagged them on everything.  My mom was not happy with me.

Now that tights are appropriate for women over the age of 8, my love affair has continued.  Unfortunately, so has my tight-shredding problem.

Enter Hue tights.

I cannot get enough of these tights.  They are SO soft, comfortable, and durable.  Meaning I can wear them several times without destroying them.  I’m considering buying stock in them.  My mom would be so proud.



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3 responses to “Tights That Last

  1. I definitely need to get some of these! I rip tights over and over and over again. I’m basically incapable of wearing a pair without accumulating at least a slight snag, haha

  2. I can attest to lasting power of HUE tights! I LOVE mine, and I have a couple of different pairs. Not only do they seem to last longer, but I also find them more comfortable than a lot of brands – they seem to fit me better and they’re warmer in winter than some other brands I have.

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